• Signature Global Group, a 21st century real estate and infrastructure development company. Founded by a set of seasoned professionals with an aim to amalgamate global standards and quality to Indian Real Estate Industry, the Group showcases a profound experience of multiple decades in stock market and financial services sector. Signature Global Group's promoters have diversified to leverage their expertise of customer delight and transparent ethics into real estate.

    The philosophy of Signature Global Group is simple - bringing together the best and brightest minds in the industry to create a team that believes in the infinity of possibilities. Our nurturing spirit enables our people, to grow and realize their full potential. And as our people grow, so do our capabilities, our creativity and engineering ambitions along with our clients and their happiness.

    With two decades of a rich experience in financial capital market and commodity market, Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal (Co-Founder & Chairman, Signature Global Group) brings motivation and emphasis on professional approach ethically. His in-depth knowledge of various intricacies of securities market and financial services led him to diversify the group business from stock broking and arbitrage to commodity broking, all fund based activities and advisory services. His strong analytical skills paved a way to expand the services of SMC Group in more than 500 cities.
  • 24 Secure is a recognized leader among Indian security companies, delivering effective solutions for a wide variety of routine. With headquarters in Delhi NCR, the company has an intimate understanding of unique security threats. The world-class team of security experts comprises of professional security guards with military and legal backgrounds, which is strengthened through strategic partnerships complemented by international success as a leading security company.

    24 Secure is the first security company to launch professionally trained Women Security Officers in India. Launched in 2004, Women 24 Secure provides a strong and safe platform for women who wish to work in the line of security, making it a respectful career option. Currently, Women 24 Secure has over 500 lady security officers with various corporate clients, who are just as motivated, diligent and disciplined as their male counterparts. 24 Secure's ultimate aim is to empower women by overcoming inhibitions, challenging outdated traditions and breaking new barriers.

    The in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of security lead the Founder, Mr. Sunil Nihal Duggal to author "Women 24 Secure" a women guide to personal security. It teaches women how to protect themselves, and therefore is a book every woman should own which is now available as a free downloadable e-book on the company website.
    Company Information
    Website: http://www.24securenow.com/index.php
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/24securenow/?fref=ts
    Twitter: https://twitter.com
  • CRY - Child Rights and You is an Indian NGO that believes in every child's right to a childhood - to live, learn, grow and play. For over 3 decades, CRY and its 200 partner NGOs have worked with parents and communities to ensure Lasting Change in the lives of more than 20 Lakh underprivileged children.

    CRY believes, all children have abilities - it could be things they like doing or have a knack for. These abilities can be developed further when children go to school and complete their education. However, many children between the ages 11-14 years are dropping out of school because of reasons like early marriage, poverty and child labour or very simple the lack of proper infrastructure in school.

    Through the School the Spark campaign, CRY is seeking to address these issues which keep children away from school and ensure that 79,744 children across the country - are retained in school. Only then will they get a chance to ignite their spark and turn their abilities into possibilities for the future.

    The Juniorun with its message of 'Education for all' is the perfect platform to amplify this message and unite people to ensure that more and more children have what is rightfully theirs.
  • VIVANTA BY TAJ. DESIGNED TO DELIGHT HIGH FLIERS FROM ALL ANGLES. Laidback but efficient. Elegant and spacious. Directly connected to the heart of the city. With easy access to the Sector 21 Metro station. As one of the most opulent business hotels in New Delhi, it aims to change the face of business, in a space where you can work and play seamlessly. Spanning 7 acres, Vivanta by Taj - Dwarka, New Delhi is one of the best 5-star hotels near New Delhi airport. It wraps you in luxury the minute you step in. The stylish space is home to a chic lobby, never-ending rooms and multiple outlets for the finest culinary experiences. You are never far from the city. A 20-minute drive eastward leads you to the heart and soul of the city - Lutyens' New Delhi! And the domestic and international airports are an easy 15-minute drive westward. Everything you need, and then some, around every corner.

    Where business and luxury unite, in an experience like no other!
  • Garmin Ltd. (shortened to Garmin and formerly known as ProNav) is an American multinational technology company founded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1989 from Lenexa, Kansas and is based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.The company is known for its specialization in GPS technology development for its use in automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sport activities and utilities. Due to their development in wearable technology, they have also been competing with activity tracker and smartwatch consumer developers such as Fitbit and Apple.HistoryFounding and growthIn 1983, Gary Burrell recruited Min H. Kao from the defense contractor Magnavox while working for the former King Radio. They founded Garmin in 1989 in Lenexa, Kansas, as "ProNav". ProNav's first product was a GPS unit which sold for. The company was later renamed "Garmin", an acronym of the first names of its two founders, Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao. In 1991, the U.S. Army became their first customer.
  • FairGaze.com is the largest socio-educational community providing continuous mentoring through Future Bright Programs focused on holistic development of students. FairGaze assists the educational community comprising of students, teachers, parents and mentors to take informed decisions on identification of the students skill inventory, discovering personality type, courses to be pursued, educational institutes most suitable for the student and comprehensive career counseling.

    FairGaze engages students face-to-face to help them expand their horizons through customized and interactive Future Bright Programs. Focused on continuous mentoring, the Future Bright Programs offer comprehensive solutions to help students enhance their talents, social & inter-personal skills.

    FairGaze prepares students for the world ahead and gives them the skill sets that would help them to climb the ladder of success with ease.
  • Runizen provides a reliable and cost effective race timing solution for small to medium sized running/cycling events.Our System is Made in India :-)
  • mobiefit is an mFitness or mobile fitness platform with apps for all-round fitness. With over 500,000 users in all, mobiefit currently has mobiefit RUN, WALK and BODY apps since its inception in early 2015. Starting this September, mobiefit will offer personal coaching through experts, trainers and nutritionists to help individuals lose weight, build muscle or manage a health condition through fitness and diet.

    The people behind mobiefit
    mobiefit was incubated by Prototyze in Goa, with Gourav Jaswal acting as co-founder and director. Actress and politician Gul Panag is a co-founder and our mobiefit RUN fitness icon.

    Our apps: mobiefit RUN , mobiefit WALK and mobiefit BODY
  • With over 2600 beds and 13 top hospitals in Delhi-NCR, Punjab and Uttarakhand, 2300 world-class doctors, Max Healthcare is one of the leading chain of hospitals in India. With over 500 ICU beds, the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Max Healthcare is one of the best hospitals in India.

    Dedicated to provide quality care that focuses on the overall wellness of the patients, Max hospitals offer diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic clinical services for cardiovascular, eye and ENT, dental, joints replacement, and many other complex diseases. Our Mission is to provide world-class healthcare with a service focus, by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education.
    Visit: www.maxhealthcare.in
  • Inspire financial fitness in your kids with Kotak Junior account. It is designed to encourage kids to save smartly from an early age. It not only offers up to 6%* interest p.a. but also a Recurring Deposit and linked Systematic Investment Plans intended to provide long term savings for your child. Along with it, your child also gets first of its kind personalized Junior ID card bundled with host of exclusive privileges across dining, edutainment and shopping.

    So with Kotak Junior Account, let your child complete the financial race with ease.

    *Earn 6% interest p.a. on savings account balance over Rs.1 Lakh and 5.0% interest p.a. on balances up to Rs, 1 Lakh on Resident Accounts only.
  • T10 sports apparel is life style inspired for men and women who appreciate innovative, high-quality sportswear. The brand believes in using... performance fabrics and quality trims, classic styling, and a wide range of colors to create great clothing.

    With over a decade of international expertise T10 sports has brought the "global" experience to the Indian domestic market - They also serve corporates, schools and institutions - FEEL pride in being "GLOCAL".
  • Skin Essentials is a concept based on natural and simple living with the best offerings from nature. Along with great products which range from washes and packs for adults it also offers a kiddie product zone ,soaps and moisturisers.To promote and change the mindset of people, they have a salon in Gurgaon where all salon services are done with natural fruits, vegetables and herbs in their natural forms. IN its vision to spread awareness they have also made take away packs and distribute them through some stores like Live organic and Natures Hub.

    With 133 institutions and sports organizations from 23 states affiliated to it Indian Blind Sports Association is the largest national level sports body devoted to the promotion of sports among the visually challenged in the country. The Association was established in April 1986 through the initiative of the Blind Relief Association, Delhi (BRA), a premier organization for the blind in India. The objective was to promote national-level sports activities for the blind. The Association is registered as a non-profit body under Societies Registration Act. The Association is recognized by the Indian Olympic Association and affiliated to the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA), representing India in this apex sports body of the visually challenged. It is also affiliated with the Paralympic Committee of India.
  • ETV Haryana - Himachal Pradesh is a Hindi Language Regional News TV Channel from Haryana and Himachal Pradesh states, India.
  • "What we See is What we Play"

    At Just Play Sportz we are committed to encourage sports at all levels and strongly believe that "What we See is What we Play". To fulfill our mission of making everyone play sports it is essential to share what's happening around them in the world of sports through professional journalism and active engagement on Social Media platforms. At Just Play Sportz we have aligned our resources to actively engage sports enthusiasts on Social Media to Talk and Live Sports.www.JustPlaySportz.com
  • The team Comprises a group of people linked in a common purpose. Team is especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks.
  • Decathlon, a network of innovative retail
    chain and brands providing enjoyment for all sports people. At Decathlon, 70,000 of us live our common Purpose on a daily basis: "to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all". In every country where we are present, we share a strong and unique company culture, reinforced by our two values: Vitality and Responsibility.

    At Decathlon, we place innovation at the heart of our activities: from research to retail, including design, production and logistics. Our twenty Passion Brand teams channel all their energy in to developing technical, good-looking and simple products, always at the lowest possible prices.

    These products are aimed at all sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, and are sold exclusively at Decathlon.
  • WildTM itamin Water is a water based drink, with :
    100% natural flavours
    100% natural colours
    0% preservatives
    Low Sugar

    Each WildTM Vitamin Water flavour has a unique profile specifically formulated to create a delicious beverage suitable for Indian palate. The concoction has been formed with minimum amount of pure cane sugar, as an alternative to super-sweet juice or fizzy drinks. And we are proud of it!

    Driven by the success of Wild Vitamin Water, we are pleased to unveil our new drink: Wild Vitamin Sparkle. This is a sparkling drink which would initially be available in two exotic flavours:Lemon Lime and Forest Berries. The flavors are inspired by International style drinks and feature exciting natural fruit essences, light carbonation and have low sugar content.
  • Buddy Daddy Family Bash is India's FIRST LIVE Entertainment Family Festival.
    With over 80 live performers and a spectacular line-up of kids and family activities; spread across acres of sprawling greenery; store in is something for everyone!

    With a gamut of activities and live shows on multiple stages, the festival can be enjoyed as per interest and time. Buddy Daddy Family Bash is the best day out for the families this festive season, encompassing, all the thrills of being together in a weekend extravaganza full of entertainment, fun and adventure. Kids are offered fun-filled interactive entertainment within each themed zone.

    Best family entertainment across the globe, has been handpicked! It is our mission to help families, experience the joys of live events with kids, especially if you've never done it before.